Disabled and arriving in Paris by road

Guide to arriving in Paris by road for disabled people.

For disabled people who drive, this article provides information on facilities on French motorways and on the various parking places in Paris.

The motorway network

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Special rates

Vehicles adapted (class 2) for disabled travellers can benefit from a class 1 rate. To obtain this reduction, the disabled person must:
- Take a lane with a toll booth;
- At automatic toll booths, use the intercom to call for assistance.

Facilities and services offered

Many rest areas and service areas are designed with adapted facilities and services for disabled people.  Almost all of them have toilets accessible to people in wheelchairs. Many rest areas have at least 4 adapted services: toilet facilities, telephone, parking place, and shop.

At all service stations, disabled people can ask to be served by a petrol pump attendant.

In the event of a break down or accident, if the disabled person is alone in their vehicle and if the orange emergency phone is inaccessible, they can dial 112 on their mobile phone to call for help. In this case, it is important that the person can give as much information as possible about their location.

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Alternatives to the motorway network

There is no guarantee of finding the same services on main roads and minor roads. Although it may be possible to be served by a petrol pump attendant, it is not easy to find adapted toilet facilities.

Where to park in Paris when arriving by car

Finding an adapted reserved parking place on streets, roads, in a car park or in a hotel:
Adapted car parks and parking places