Parques y plazas de aparcamiento adaptados

Reserved parking places

Handicap moteur parking adapté 2 Paris

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On the public highway in Paris, a number of parking places have been adapted and reserved for cars used by disabled people. To use these parking places, the driver must have the European parking card for disabled people, which is valid in all member countries of the European Union.

Estas plazas de aparcamiento reservadas, así como todas las plazas de aparcamiento de pago en superficie, son gratuitas para las personas titulares de una Carte Mobilité Inclusion o de una tarjeta europea de estacionamiento, de conformidad con la Ley nº 2015-300, del 18 de marzo de 2015. La duración máxima de aparcamiento en el mismo lugar se determina por decreto. Son 7 días consecutivos en las vías mixtas de París (vías identificadas por un punto amarillo en los parquímetros). En las vías rotatorias (ejes muy comerciales), se limita a 24 horas, controladas con el disco europeo, y a 2 horas sin la tarjeta europea de estacionamiento. La tarjeta debe quedar bien a la vista, en el interior del vehículo, detrás del parabrisas.

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Geolocalización de las plazas de aparcamiento reservadas en París
Geolocalización de las vías mixtas y rotatorias en París (vías mixtas en amarillo y vías rotatorias en rojo)

Public car parks

As on the public highway, there are adapted and reserved parking places in enclosed car parks. To use them, the driver must also have the European parking card for disabled people, validated by and valid in all member countries of the EU.

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Map of council conceded car parks in Paris
Parking Saemes

Map of adapted Saemes parkings in Paris (click on the map)

Carte parkings Saemes adaptés Paris

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Non-EU visitors

Non-EU visitors, who do not have the European parking card for disabled people, may use the reserved places if:

  • their country has the status of associate member of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT: list after);
  • their parking card bears the logo 'wheelchair' and the name of the older (displayed clearly on the dashboard).

List of 7 associate ECMT member countries: Australia, Canada, South Korea, United States, Japan, Mexico and New Zealand.

NB There is a risk of being verbalized by the police who are not always familiar with foreign parking cards, as there are so many different ones from one country to another. If this happens, the visitor simply needs to challenge the ‘infringement’ by making it clear that their country is an associate member of ECMT (‘CEMT’ in French) and by citing Resolution n°97/4.

Find out more:
Resolution n°97/4 of the CEMT
(Pages 125 to 141)

Accomodation with private parking

Some hotels and aparthotels have private car parks for their clients. It is advisable to contact the accommodation provider to ensure that specially-adapted parking places are available.